Contact us for support rather than spending too much time and effort trying.


To best assist you, we use screensharing software from Mikogo. This has proved to be a very effective method of support, as we can switch to view each other's screens.

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All functionality is documented. Documentation is not to be read as a book, rather check out the "chapter" you want information about.

Documenttation found here.



What is included in our support?

There are to types of support:
  • Free support
  • Paid support

Free support (included in tournament fee )

Support with no time guarantee. Depending on the workload and scope of support issues, we usually reply within 24 hours (monday - friday). We reply to almost 50% of the requests the same day. By "reply" is meant that we either provide a reference to the help file, or respond directly via phone or email.

Paid support

Almost 100% of the cases where immediate support is needed, are very special situations. The hard drive on your computer collapses. Last minute withdrawals or late arrivals. Heavy rain causing matches to be moved or postponed.
If you want to secure access to support during certain limited periods of your tournament, please contact us. You will get access to phone-support constantly during the period paid for. This is often ordered for critical periods of the tournament, such as just before the first kick-off, or at the start of the playoffs.
We charge NOK 250,- per support hour ordered.