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Missing a bookingsystem for your facilities?

Control your facilities - online

BX is designed to simplify the overview and booking of your faclilites. Some of the main features:

  • Create and control - in detail - the separate parts of your faclities
  • Online booking - either for a single event or for a succession of events
  • Automatic billing
  • Calendar view showing available periods
  • Define available hours and days
  • Discount schemes

Suitable for a small club or company as well as a municipality or federation

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How does BX work?

From the owners point of view:

The facilty owner, such as a private company or a municipality, register their facilities in BX. Each facility is split into areas or surfaces, having their separate opening hours, cost, dimensions etc. The owner may grant other users access to their facilities, This allows the owner to delegate responsibilty for its facilites and surfaces.

From the users (tenants) point of view:

A users looks up a field, area or surface that he/she wishes to rent, either for single lease for an hour, or for repetivie use, e.g. exercises for a football team. He gets a calendar with a overview of the availability, with additional information registered by the owner.
The user then may book directly, wait for approval or maybe even pay online.

Status as of February 2013

Developing a complete solution for booking sholuldn't be to difficult. The problems start when it comes to a countrywide solution - you have to involve parties, e.g. to get a complete list of all the public facilities.

Therefore we had to put the work on hold for a period - but now we are back on track.

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BX is designed with a focus on graphical representation of data, such as the calendar shown above.