Registered teams

Team name Club Category Country
France France M Norway
Italy Italy M Norway
Finland NoName M
Portugal NoName M
England NoName M
Poland NoName M
Spain NoName M
Norway NoName M
Denmark NoName M
Scotland NoName M
Germany NoName M
Croatia NoName M
Russia NoName M
Netherlands NoName M
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland M Norway
Røa Idrettslag - 2 Røa Idrettslag W Norway
Røa Idrettslag - 3 Røa Idrettslag W Norway
Røa Idrettslag - 1 Røa Idrettslag W Norway

Registrations by category

Number of teams

MMen 15
WWomen 3
Amount 18

Club Registrations

Club Quantity
France 1
Italy 1
NoName 12
Republic of Ireland 1
Røa Idrettslag 3

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