Registered teams

Team name Club Category Country
AFC Bournemouth AFC Bournemouth F England
Arsenal Arsenal F England
Arsenal Arsenal M England
Aston Villa Aston Villa M England
Bardu IL Bardu Idrettslag Bardu Idrettslag F Norway
Birmingham Birmingham M England
Birmingham City Birmingham City M England
Blackburn Blackburn Mix England
Bolton Bolton Mix England
Brentford Brentford Mix England
Bristol City Bristol City Mix England
Burnley Burnley F England
Cardiff Cardiff Mix Wales
Chelsea Chelsea F England
Chelsea Chelsea M England
Crystal Palace Crystal Palace F England
Derby County Derby County Mix England
Everton Everton M England
Fulham Fulham M England
Huddersfield Town Huddersfield Town Mix England
Hull City Hull City Mix England
Ipswich Town Ipswich Town Mix England
Leeds United Leeds United M Norway
Leicester City Leicester City F England
Liverpool Liverpool M England
Liverpool Liverpool F England
Manchester City Manchester City M England
Manchester United Manchester United F England
Manchester United Manchester United M England
Mellembygd IL Mellembygd Idrettslag Mellembygd Idrettslag M Norway
Mellembygd IL - 1 Mellembygd Idrettslag Mellembygd Idrettslag F Norway
Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Mix England
Newcastle United Newcastle United F England
Norwich City Norwich City F England
Nottingham Forest Nottingham Forest Mix Norway
Preston North End Preston North End Mix England
Queens Park Rangers Queens Park Rangers Mix England
Reading Reading M England
Sheffield United Sheffield United F England
Southampton Southampton F Norway
Stoke City Stoke City Mix Norway
Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur F England
Watford Watford F England
West Brom West Brom Mix England
West Ham United West Ham United F England
West Ham United West Ham United M England
Wigan Wigan Mix England
Wolverhampton Wolverhampton F England
Yeovil Yeovil M England

Registrations by category

Number of teams

FFemale 18
MMale 15
MixMixed 16
Amount 49

Club Registrations

Club Quantity
AFC Bournemouth 1
Arsenal 2
Aston Villa 1
Bardu Idrettslag Bardu IL 1
Birmingham 1
Birmingham City 1
Blackburn 1
Bolton 1
Brentford 1
Bristol City 1
Burnley 1
Cardiff 1
Chelsea 2
Crystal Palace 1
Derby County 1
Everton 1
Fulham 1
Huddersfield Town 1
Hull City 1
Ipswich Town 1
Leeds United 1
Leicester City 1
Liverpool 2
Manchester City 1
Manchester United 2
Mellembygd Idrettslag Mellembygd IL 2
Middlesbrough 1
Newcastle United 1
Norwich City 1
Nottingham Forest 1
Preston North End 1
Queens Park Rangers 1
Reading 1
Sheffield United 1
Southampton 1
Stoke City 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Watford 1
West Brom 1
West Ham United 2
Wigan 1
Wolverhampton 1
Yeovil 1

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