Registered teams

Team name Club Category Country
Bardu IL Bardu Idrettslag Bardu Idrettslag F Norway
Manchester United Manchester United F England
Liverpool Liverpool F England
Newcastle United Newcastle United F England
Arsenal Arsenal F England
AFC Bournemouth AFC Bournemouth F England
Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur F England
Leicester City Leicester City F England
West Ham United West Ham United F England
Southampton Southampton F Norway
Burnley Burnley F England
Norwich City Norwich City F England
Wolverhampton Wolverhampton F England
Crystal Palace Crystal Palace F England
Watford Watford F England
Sheffield United Sheffield United F England
Chelsea Chelsea F England
Mellembygd IL - 1 Mellembygd Idrettslag Mellembygd Idrettslag F Norway
Leeds United Leeds United M Norway
Chelsea Chelsea M England
Birmingham Birmingham M England
Everton Everton M England
Aston Villa Aston Villa M England
Reading Reading M England
Manchester City Manchester City M England
Birmingham City Birmingham City M England
Fulham Fulham M England
Arsenal Arsenal M England
Liverpool Liverpool M England
Manchester United Manchester United M England
West Ham United West Ham United M England
Yeovil Yeovil M England
Mellembygd IL Mellembygd Idrettslag Mellembygd Idrettslag M Norway
Derby County Derby County Mix England
Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Mix England
Nottingham Forest Nottingham Forest Mix Norway
Blackburn Blackburn Mix England
Stoke City Stoke City Mix Norway
Queens Park Rangers Queens Park Rangers Mix England
Bolton Bolton Mix England
Wigan Wigan Mix England
Ipswich Town Ipswich Town Mix England
Hull City Hull City Mix England
Preston North End Preston North End Mix England
Brentford Brentford Mix England
Bristol City Bristol City Mix England
Cardiff Cardiff Mix Wales
Huddersfield Town Huddersfield Town Mix England
West Brom West Brom Mix England

Registrations by category

Number of teams

FFemale 18
MMale 15
MixMixed 16
Amount 49

Club Registrations

Club Quantity
AFC Bournemouth 1
Arsenal 2
Aston Villa 1
Bardu Idrettslag Bardu IL 1
Birmingham 1
Birmingham City 1
Blackburn 1
Bolton 1
Brentford 1
Bristol City 1
Burnley 1
Cardiff 1
Chelsea 2
Crystal Palace 1
Derby County 1
Everton 1
Fulham 1
Huddersfield Town 1
Hull City 1
Ipswich Town 1
Leeds United 1
Leicester City 1
Liverpool 2
Manchester City 1
Manchester United 2
Mellembygd Idrettslag Mellembygd IL 2
Middlesbrough 1
Newcastle United 1
Norwich City 1
Nottingham Forest 1
Preston North End 1
Queens Park Rangers 1
Reading 1
Sheffield United 1
Southampton 1
Stoke City 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Watford 1
West Brom 1
West Ham United 2
Wigan 1
Wolverhampton 1
Yeovil 1

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