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Developed for - and in close cooperation with - sports federations

FX - used in large organizations

FX is designed to handle matchactivity (leagues and tournaments) for federations, including the managing of  players, teams and referees involved in the games.

FX is built on modules. Depending on your needs, modules are made available. That way you avoid having to deal with unnecessary stuff.

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The FX solution

During 2012 the solution known as "PlanAssist" was redesigned and rebranded to become FX, even tighter integrated with our systems for booking and match-scheduling.

Modules in FX

  • Organization Data (clubs, contacts etc)
  • License Handling
  • Handling player-tranfers
  • Eventshandling including application and approval
  • Schedule
  • League setup and -scheduling
  • Allocating referees
  • Resultregistering
  • Fixtures - results - tables
  • Live view
  • Fully automated ranking system

FX in 2013

During the first half of 2013, the FX will be integrated with our new product BX. BX is the solution for managing and booking facilities and pitches. We have gathered more than 90% of all sports facilites in Norway into our database.

A selection of users:

  • Norges Badmintonforbund
  • Norges Volleyballforbund
  • Sveriges Badmintonforbund
  • Sveriges Bordtennisforbund
  • Korpen Stockholm
  • Svenska Skoleidrettsforbundet

Brief history

Back in 2008 we started a project together with various sports federations in Norway and Sweden, with the goal of developing an administrative system. The system should include modules such as licensing, leagueadministration and player-ranking.
During 2008 - 2012 we developed these modules in a solution called "PlanAssist".
PlanAssist is now replaced by FX